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29 November 2008

SPI Flash Microcontroller Programmer Ver 3.7


This SPI Flash Programmer can be used either for in-system programming or as a stand-alone serial flash programmer for the Atmel SPI programmable devices. The programmer hardware interface is controlled by the PC parallel port and the parallel port control signals are freely selectable by the user. The software supports both the 8051 and AVR series devices.


Figure 1 shows the circuit diagram of the SPI Flash programmer hardware interface, the power to the interface is provided either by a 9V dc adapter or a 9V battery. The 74HCT367 IC buffer the parallel port signals. It is necessary to use the HCT type IC in order to make sure the programmer should also work with the 3V type parallel port. The 74HCT04 is used to generate the clock signal for the u-controller when programming the device in stand-alone mode. (1 of 4)25/08/2006 2:34:54


Figure 1: Circuit Diagram of the SPI Flash Programmer

Figure 2 shows the connection diagram for the stand-alone programming, the u-controller to be program is placed on a breadboard or on a veroboard with a ZIF socket, the required signals are then wired to the respective pins of the u-controller. (2 of 4)25/08/2006 2:34:54


Figure 2: Stand-alone SPI Programming interface


The file contains the main program and the io port driver. Place all files in the same folder.

The main view of the program is shown in figure 3.

Also make sure do not program the RSTDISBL fuse in the AVR series devices, unless it is necessary otherwise further serial programming is disable, to restore the serial programming a high voltage parallel programmer is required.

For the fuses setting consult the datasheet of the respective u-controller.

Following are the main features of this software,

. ● Read and write the BIN, HEX and ROM file formats

. ● Read Signature, Fuse and Lock bits

. ● Edit, Clear and Fill the Flash & Eeprom memory buffer

. ● Verify with memory buffer

. ● Auto save the OSCCAL data to Flash & Eeprom

. ● Display buffer checksum

. ● Program selected Fuse & Lock bits

. ● Auto save the fuses settings for the open program file

. ● Parallel port pins are freely selectable

. ● EEPROM file open and save commands

Download (3 of 4)25/08/2006 2:34:54

SPI-Flash Programmer Software


Figure 3: Main view of the program SPI-Pgm Ver 3.7

The SPI-Flash Programmer was designed by Mohammad Asim Khan. Revised November.01.2005 Any bug report or suggestion of using the SPI-Flash Programmer are welcome

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